Expert Guidance for Navigating Parenthood Options

In addition to my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support individuals and couples in managing their emotions and behaviors related to the family-building process.

A new service I am adding is consultation for those who are considering using an egg donor or a surrogate. My goal is to help people navigate these services both as a clinician and as a parent. Please contact me at 914-539-1839 to discuss your needs.

Egg Donation and Surrogacy Consultative Services

My years of experience and expertise has allowed me to start the surrogacy consultative services to help people understand the surrogacy process. As an expert, I can guide the surrogacy parents to provide appropriate guidance and help as per the requirements. I am capable of helping with arrangements, including traditional surrogates, foster parents, and egg donors. I’ll help you find a match for your family and ensure everyone's on the same page before moving forward with your plans.

The Surrogacy Consultative Services

Get Help with the Surrogacy Process

The surrogacy success rate for serving the best of services has been increasingly high. I can help you with the complete process of finding surrogacy parents and surrogacy egg donor. When considering surrogacy, it is essential to know the whole process because it is a time-consuming, emotionally draining process that can lead to permanent mental problems and disorders. However, I can actively help you get through the process, so you do not have to worry about anything. You will just need to connect with me and discuss the complete details, and then I’ll lead you to find better ways to start your new life and become a parent.


Whether it’s the egg donor process or finding a surrogate parent, every step may require proper working on the particular case. I can help you with the complete process till the success of the surrogacy process, and I’ll meet with you and your partner to discuss your end goals for surrogacy. I’ll be asking questions about your family history and medical history so that I’ll be able to find a suitable resource with the best possible surrogacy services for you. After the initial consultation, we will proceed with further steps to complete the procedure. We will need to complete a whole range of step-by-step processes for starting up the actual process, and I will provide different options for fertility treatments if necessary. My surrogacy process services may include

  • Consulting on all aspects of surrogacy, including the egg donor process.
  • Pre-surgery counseling, preparation before transfer day, and after delivery
  • Post-partum recovery counseling, post-surgery counseling
  • Adoption assistance/support.
  • Assistance with finding a surrogate mother(s).
  • Assistance with finding an egg donor

Are You Looking to Start a Family?

If you are looking to start a familyfindacy process, then I am dedicated to helping you with the complete process and choose the best surrogacy partner for your needs and provide you with all the necessary information about the complete process along with further help that you need to find a partner or anything else. If you're interested in exploring surrogacy options for yourself or a loved one, then connect with me to discuss your needs.

Call now at 914-539-1839.

Helping future parents

I believe that everyone deserves to have their dream come true for becoming a parent, and I am here to help make things easy and possible for you. With my surrogacy Consultative Services, I can help you and your family with surrogacy. I am here to ensure you don't have to worry about anything—all you have to do is relax and discuss your needs with me.

Getting Assistance and guidance

I am offering a variety of services, whether to find a surrogate partner that can help you achieve your dreams of having a child or surrogacy with the donor egg process. My main goal is to make sure that decisions are made by you and give you assistance as per your need, so I rely on being as transparent as possible and provide the information you need in an easy-to-understand way.

Become a Surrogate

You can help other people in becoming parents by carrying and delivering a baby for other people. You can give someone else a family that didn't have one before—or even provide them with the opportunity for a new joy in their lives. If you're looking for more than just the joys of being a parent, surrogacy is also an incredible way to help someone else have children, and you can also earn money by helping other people.

My Passion for Helping People with Surrogacy

I understand the importance of the surrogacy process for each individual person. I make sure the whole surrogacy experience process becomes as smooth as possible from beginning to end with my consultative services and support services. From setting up your initial consultation through post-surrogacy counseling, I’ll ensure that everything goes according to the plan, so everything works out as per your hopes.

Helping People with Surrogacy

Frequently Asked Question

Surrogacy is a personal endeavor; whether you are a surrogate parent or a donor, you must complete a questionnaire to start the procedure. Asking questions can help me find a better match for you and simplify the process. 

The surrogacy consultation can last over 1-3 hours because there are many things to discuss and ask in consultation services. The actual time may vary because of the difference in cases. 

An egg donor is a person who is eligible to donate eggs to people who cannot become parents. They earn money for donating the eggs to intended parents who aren’t able to conceive a baby.