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Top 10 Stress Relief Games to Help You Relax in 2023

Stress Relief Games

Do you also have the problem of mood swings and getting stressed about little things? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with stress on a daily basis. Fortunately, plenty of therapy games can help you unwind and relax. Whether you prefer puzzles, strategy games, or something more action-packed, there’s a stress relief game out there.

According to Theesa’s data, about 89% of players believe that video games assist in calming down and reducing stress. Additionally, 88% of players think that video games are beneficial for improving their thinking and mental abilities.

To get you start, here are some of the best stress-relieving games available. So, sit back, take a chill pill, and let’s dive in!

Evergreen10 Stress Relieving Games

The games below can provide a fun and engaging distraction from daily stressors. Try incorporating them into your routine to help improve your life and overall well-being. So, without delay, come with us to explore the games!

Relaxing Puzzler

Relaxing Puzzler is a calming puzzle game designed to assist you in chilling out and taking a break. The soothing music will create a hypnotic atmosphere that can help you meditate and find inner peace without even realizing it.

Relaxed and artistic styles inspire the app and are very simple to use. You just need to move rocks around a magical garden to guide the energy and be entirely calm. As a result, it provides a tranquil and enjoyable experience for those looking to unwind and find serenity.

Bubble Wrap

When it comes to games for anxiety, there is a virtual version of the popular activity of popping Bubble Wrap. You can do it on a mobile app by tapping the bubbles to burst them. Many enjoy this activity because it helps them release negative emotions and feel better.

The app is free to download and can be a great way to pass the time, whether waiting in line or on a boring journey. It offers different colors and pleasant sounds for a more enjoyable experience. Even users can adjust the size of the bubbles according to their preferences.

Candy Crush Saga

Most people like Candy Crush as a stress relief game because it’s a fun and easy puzzle game where you match three candies of the same kind. It’s too simple to learn and play, and there are countless levels to keep you entertained for as long as you want.

You’ll need to consider the best combinations to help you progress to the next levels.

And the best part is, the whole game revolves around candy! Isn’t that delightful? It’s free to play, but you can buy some optional items in the game (you can turn off the buying feature if you prefer).


Bejeweled is a classic Match 3 stress relief game with various modes to suit different preferences. To reduce tension, the Zen mode is incredibly beneficial. It includes positive affirmations, soothing sounds, and breath modulation techniques to help you relax while playing. In Zen mode, you can play endlessly without the pressure of meeting specific level goals.

In Bejeweled, you have the option to enable breath modulation. This feature provides a tracking line that guides your breathing, synchronized with inhaling and exhaling. As you play the game, the breathing rate gradually slows down, helping you naturally reduce your stress levels.


If you like the brain exercise game, Wordscapes is suitable for making you comfortable while sharpening your mind. By playing for just 10 minutes a day, the app claims to improve your mental abilities.

The word game app presents challenges like word searches, anagrams, and crosswords. As you solve the puzzles, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery backgrounds that add to the calming atmosphere.

Many users find the app very flexible because there are no limits or penalties. You have unlimited tries to complete each level, so you will not quit the app or wait for “lives” to recharge.


Tetris is one of the old anxiety relief games but a popular game you can find on different devices. It’s easy to play, even if you’re unfamiliar with video games. The fact that Tetris has been around for a long time suggests that it must offer more than just entertainment for a short time.

Moreover, find that the simple yet challenging gameplay of Tetris helps to focus on something other than what’s causing you stress. And, when you start clearing lines, it’s a satisfying feeling that can boost your mood.


The Pigment is a coloring app that has won awards and offers thousands of coloring pages, including exclusive content. Spending just 10 minutes coloring can bring the same benefits as meditation, helping to reduce worries and anxiety.

It’s a wonderful alternative to games that might make you feel frustrated when you fail levels because there’s no failing in coloring!

You can choose from 29 different pencils, markers, and brushes to use while coloring. You can also use the tap-to-fill method if you want a simple method.

Pokémon GO

Playing games for anxiety, Pokémon GO can provide a sense of adventure and escapism. Which allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can discover and capture Pokémon. Exploration and discovery can be enjoyable and provide a break from everyday worries and stressors. Pokémon GO often brings people together as they meet up in real-world locations, such as parks or landmarks, to play the game.

Flow Free

The Flow Free game is simple yet challenging and requires focus and concentration. The calming music and colorful visuals help to promote relaxation and take your mind off of any worries or stressors. Plus, the satisfaction of completing each level successfully can give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your mood. Try stress games and see if it helps alleviate some of your stress!

Monument Valley

So the last one is the Monument Valley game’s beautiful graphics, and soothing music can transport you to a peaceful and relaxing world. Additionally, the puzzles require focus and concentration, which can help take your mind off stressful thoughts and worries. Must play next time if you need to de-stress!

Benefits of Anxiety Relief Games

Playing stress relief games can have numerous benefits for the overall physique. Here are some detailed steps outlining the benefits of playing stress-relief games:

  • Enhanced cognitive function: Video games can help improve cognitive function by requiring players to think critically and solve problems. Games such as Tetris, for example, can help improve spatial reasoning skills.
  • Time for self-care: Playing stress relief games allows you to dedicate time for yourself and engage in activities solely for enjoyment and relaxation. Therefore, it promotes self-care by encouraging moments of leisure and personal well-being.
  • Improved flexibility and coordination: Physical games such as yoga or sports can help improve flexibility and coordination. Yoga, for example, involves various poses and stretches that need balance and flexibility, which can help you to better your health.
  • Emotional regulation: Games to relieve stress can assist in emotional regulation by providing a healthy outlet for negative emotions. They can help channel and release stress, frustration, or anger in a controlled and constructive manner.
  • Increased bonding and improved communication skills: If you try to play games with others, it can help improve social skills and promote bonding. Board games and card games, in particular, can be a great way to spend quality time with family and friends.
  • Mood enhancement: When you play games that help reduce tension, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good and rewarded. This can make your mood better and bring you joy while playing.


Isn’t it essential to try everyday mindfulness activities to find what works best for you and to set aside dedicated time for playing games? Consider playing games with friends or family for added social benefits.

Apart from games, there are other ways to improve your mental health, like using specific healthcare apps that cater to your needs or developing methods to manage emotions. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a technique that has been thoroughly studied and found effective in reducing and managing stress.

So, you’ve plenty of choices and strategies which change your mood, make you feel happy, and forget things about your hectic routine.


Which are the best games to relieve stress?

There are so many stress-relieving games, but the most common are Stardew Valley, Flow Free, Candy Crush Saga, Wordscapes, Monument Valley, Bejeweled, etc.

What are 5 stress-relieving fitness activities?

You can do many activities to get moving and reduce stress, including walking, climbing stairs, jogging, dancing, biking, yoga, gardening, weightlifting, and swimming. The good news is you don’t have to join a gym to be active. You can walk with your dog, try exercises that use your body weight.

Why games can relieve stress?

Video games are enjoyable and captivating. When you play games, your brain releases dopamine, a hormone that makes you feel happy and good. This can help you handle the stress and challenges of daily life.

How can I make stress fun?

The fun and calm activities to overcome the tension are Gardening, Playing games, Baking a new recipe, Completing a puzzle, Trying your hand at art, and many more.

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